‘Why venture into the blogging world?’ you well may ask!

Having spent countless hours and received so much pleasure from being a blog reader (voyeur???) I’m venturing into Blogland for a number of reasons:- 

  • to cease my procrastination and create a record of my work as a quilter
  • to share my quilting experiences, inspirations and aspirations
  • to,  from time to time, pass on some useful tips, many of which have been given to me by some fantastic people I’ve met in Quiltland
  • to give others an idea of the joy of the journey and perhaps motivate some to take up this captivating pursuit, especially if they feel they are (like I was) ‘too busy’ to start!!!
  • but my primary reason is self-serving!! The hope is I will be more motivated to get moving and complete all of my ‘unfinished symphonies’ and to develop the ideas which constantly buzz around in my head and keep me awake at night!  I work best with clearly defined deadlines, so I’m hoping that regular reporting in to Blogland will provide the structure to help me to surge forward!  


… no more faffing around and flitting from one thing to another, 
… no more dreaming and imagining what I could/should do,
… no more naval gazing!! 
Its time

… for the ideas to come to fruition
… for the fabric stash to be put to good use
… for stepping outside my comfort zone & putting it out there!!!

How about joining me on the ride??… Wheeeeeee…